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Chasing horizon

Setting sail in the vast glimmering
blue of the Earth’s magnificent oceans

Chasing horizon after horizon. Taking to the sun to leave behind all the stresses of the world, and return to land, a whole new you… rejuvenated and even more alive before you headed out to the seas.

That’s what you’ll encounter with Boat Tours Bahama. A world waiting for you to discover its wonders by traveling on the waters of spectacular boat tours that can take you and your family to one wonder after the next.

Stress no more with searching for the right tour to get you to your vacation destination. With a click on, you can conveniently choose what places you’d like to set foot on, what sands of what beaches you’d like tucked under your feet.

And say plus do no more because we’ll prepare everything for you. Like a genie… on water. Or something similar to that allegory. But your wish, at least, anything related to cruising, really, is our command here at Boat Tours Bahama.

Across the ocean

Our Aim
And Our Vision

To provide you, our cherished customers, with travel moments that are far past the borders of ordinary. Here at Boat Tours Bahama, average is something to strive above and beyond. We want to help you fall in love with the seas, and have you and your loved ones do the same.

To offer excellent service, through honest and sincere Customer Service. That’s what we’re about, in truth. It’s not only that we get you to hop on any of our tours, but it’s also about building trusting relationships with you so that you’ll keep returning for journey after journey across the ocean, whenever you feel like it.

To ensure your safety in every expedition, by employing only quality water vehicles and equipment, along with knowledgeable and experienced crew members. Your safety is, and will always be our priority. For this reason, our crew members have all been trained to make sure that every boat that leaves the shore is armed with the necessary devices to ensure this. We also have some boats for sale, if you wish to purchase a used boat and don’t have the cash then check our boat finance page for more information.

Checks and measures are confirmed and re-confirmed on the docks, and are continually updated during each tour, up until you’re anchored back to where it all began.

We have something for you

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Hence, go ahead and get your seafarer’s spirit up as you voyage on the calm waters around the coastlines of the sunny and sparkly Bahamas.