Freeport Luxury Sailing: You Deserve A Cruise Of Luxury

Lavish cruise packages for a special occasion for you and your significant other, or maybe it’s that you and your family simply like spending holidays in opulence, Freeport Luxury Sailing will be there for you. 

Sometimes, you just have that feeling of wanting to delve all-out into your getaways. We’ll help you do so, with every penny spent towards vacations that are going to be enchantingly astonishing. And yes, it’s possible to have that for yourself, no-strings attached. Just full-on vacas that’ll be worth more than their price, and your imagination.

Who We Are 

Seafaring and greeting the clear waters, along with its friendly creatures therein, with style—  that’s how we’d describe what Freeport Luxury Sailing is about. Although it’s quite the  understatement. If sojourning on the ocean with opulence and sophistication is your heart’s desire, you’ve come to the agency who will make this possible. 

Everything you need, from cruises through vessels that are more than just for mere transportation but a means to have you experience other indulgences of comfort and delicacies, a different level of grandeur will surely revolve in and around your voyage. 

Our motto, our aim, is that it’s not simply about booking a tour and going with it. That’s way too simplistic, and it devalues what your getaway can truly be. Instead, we’ll mold our tour package to fit the luxury trip you desire for genuinely unforgettable moments. 

What We Offer 

Luxury Yachts At Your Service 

Instead of a regular sailboat, be upgraded to a different class, a notch higher than regular, by traversing the waters through our Luxury Yachts. We have bundles that can take you to specific spots in the Bahamas, to save you on time and effort planning where and what time you and your travel group should head towards. 

Customized Sailing

Likewise, if you’re more of the adventurous type and would like to set your eyes on other places in the area, our tour managers and captains will give you insight as to how to go about your plans, the safest and time-saving way. 

Eat And Drink A La 5-Star Spread 

When talking (and thinking) about food and drinks, we’ll provide you with menus that are laden with a variety of cuisine fit for any occasion. If you want something special for you and your sweetheart, a group eat-together with family and friends, or want something like a buffet for a grand birthday party, we’ve got you covered. 

To add, with regards to pre-arranged dining, all you have to do is inform us ahead of time. What we can do is be in-charge of the setting-up, so you won’t have to worry about that and really savor the sun, the sand, and the sea. 


Because your vacation is one that will have you relish every experience, we’ll have you try out watersports such as swimming, snorkeling, and diving. It might not be enough to take a glimpse of the sights. Although, that alone will quench your thirst for the splendor that the Bahamas has to offer. 

But we want you to make the most of your partnership with us as you dive into the ocean with our professional divers and be taken into the marine world surrounding the islands of Eastern Florida