The Bahamas Capital awaits as you make your way to this cruise ship-stop that you absolutely should drop by during your Bahamas getaway. You cannot but visit this tourist hub that’s heaven on earth, and yes, it’s literally in a place called Paradise Island. 

Let the sailor in you be called to the waters of soft-to-white sand shorelines encircled by waters of turquoise and blue. Every landscape in the area will blow you away, and each one— as magnificent as the rest. 

All 685 acres of Paradise Island is lined with sights of land, sky, and sea that will fill your heart with wonder from morning until evening, and overflows until the end of your stay. You won’t want to leave this blissful utopia that’s right around the coast of Providence Island. 

So get your sailing-swimming-snorkelling mindset on and ready yourself for an undertaking that will take you to heights (and depths) of ocean excitement from here on out! 

Who We Are 

The Nassau Sail & Snorkel Tour exists because of our love for what Nassau and its beauteous sites bring, and our passion for letting the world see it the way we do, with their own eyes. With your own eyes. 

More than that, but with your senses as well. Feel the sand beneath your feet, the warmth of the sun and the cool waters on your skin. Here is the very center of the Bahamas and why it never ceases to amaze. 

Our goal is to frame dream getaways for you, your friends and family, in order for your time in the West Indies of the famous Caribbean be truly worth it. 

What We Offer 

City Tour 

Before heading out to the sand and sea, catch sight of the many treasures that Nassau safe-keeps inland. Something that not many know of because many knows of this marine-magical location as one of seascapes only. 

But this cannot be farther from the truth. This part of the Bahamas has sight-seeings galore on terrestrial sites, such as natural parks and historical landmarks. Whether you prefer this leg of your visit before or after you hit the waves if completely up to you. Just tell us and we’ll it out for you. 

Other than this, you can check out the flora and fauna that fille up the whole array of the Capital itself. 

Snorkelling Tour 

Next, is a Snorkelling Tour. And you best be assured that you won’t leave Nassau without having a go at an underwater experience of a lifetime. Get to swim with friendly marine creatures, with the guidance of our best diverse in the team. 

The seafloor is also home to reefs that are dazzling in colors and textures you won’t be able to see anywhere else. That, plus wildlife big and small that are as unique as the reefs surrounding them.

If this is your first-ever snorkel tour, don’t fret. Our diving experts will make sure to be with you every step of the way. Moreover, our top-notch equipment will further assist you as they’ll be a great support in helping you swim with ease and with safety. 

Island Hopping 

Above the waters, island hopping is the next to-do. Drop by island after island through our boats and catamarans, and be in several different shores (and islands, no less!) in a single day. Notice how much variety there is in plant life as well as in wildlife in each small region. 

Our island hopping tours offer nothing short of exhilarating, it’s perfect for anybody of any age (especially kids who get very easily bored!).

Sailing Tour 

For a more serene water escape, a sailing tour is what you’re looking for. You can either book a group tour with our visitors, or have something of your own, private and personal with you and your family. 

And if you wish to have a few eats on board, we have specific packages that include food and drinks that you can have while cruising. Or bring some cash with you and purchase them separately once the tour begins. 

Private Celebrations

Finally, private celebrations. If you’ve chosen this part of the Bahamas to celebrate a loved one’s birthday, achievement, a honeymoon, or an anniversary, we can set it up for you. A party on-deck or on the beautiful white sand? We’ll get it done. 

With a quick heads-up from you and a rundown of what you’d like us to prepare, we’ll tell you how we’ll organize the mini-event and wait for your go-signal to bring it to fruition. 

Why Choose Us 

For luxury and grandeur that’s right up your alley and your budget, you can look to Nassau Sail & Snorkel Tour. After all, your trip shouldn’t simply be that, but something much more special and unforgettable. 

We are candid with our transactions with our dear customers and can provide you with an array of options and packages that will fit your vacation preferences and your vacation expense allotment. 

Practicality plus lustre. That’s what we aim to provide in our packages. The Bahamas is full of luxury tours, and we’re among the cream of the crop. Having said that, we still try to bring you the best value of what you’ll pay for and ensure that you’ll get much more than what you expect