Paradise Island Charter: Paradise At The Tip Of Your Fingers 

The sea is our friend, and through us, it’ll be yours, too. There are marvels beneath the ocean that, upon catching sight of them, will transport you to a whole other world. One you might not even recognize, but will adore all the same. 

Beautiful, vibrant, and colorful, with the warmth of the sun peeking under the sea and over it, who wouldn’t want to take a vacation leave and have a slice of the Bahamas-haven? And that’s what we’re here for you. To get you that vacation you most certainly deserve. 

Who We Are 

If rating sites are your go-to to measure which boat tours rank higher than others, then you won’t be disappointed with us at all! No, we’re not trying to be boastful. It’s that Paradise Island Charter has been ranked as one of the best boat tour agencies on this side of the coast.

But really, the core of what we do is building that bridge between you and your dream getaway. Because we can. As we’ve said it before, we’ll do it, and more. From day 1 to your return back to the port, our aim is to capture that magic every vacation should have. 

Our highly-experienced (and very friendly, might we add) team of captains and first mates are constantly on the move to ensure a blast of an excursion, with safely lines written all over it, without sacrificing one for the other. 

What We Offer 

Boat Tours

Glide on the blue canvass of the ocean on a boat that’s commanded by our captains who have definitely earned the right to be called that title. More than ensuring you and your family are safeguarded during the entire tour, you’ll also be stopping by islands and shores that are filled with nature’s beautiful landscapes and seascapes.

Snorkel Trips

Whether this is your first time going snorkeling or are an old hand at it, you’re going to love the diving and swimming expeditions through coral reefs, and among friendly marine creatures. Don’t worry, you’ll constantly be guided by our diving experts from start to finish. 

Furthermore, we’ll gear you up with caliber professional equipment, you can rest assured you’ll be equipped to wade through the water with ease and security. At the same time, boats will be serviced round’ the clock whenever you feel like resting every after a dive. 

Eco Tours 

Now, how about genuinely seeing Mother Nature’s mind-blowing sights in our Eco Tours? Sightseeing is one thing. But an Eco Tour? Our Eco Tours will have you immerse into the mangroves and interconnected ecosystems that make up the Bahamas

Reefs and a diverse wildlife on land, sky, and sea await you as you embark on a voyage to know about the history of this island in New Provides, and its surrounds, with your own eyes. 

Private Charters 

In the event that you want to make your tour private and within your circle of friends and family, book a Private Charter tour. This way, you won’t have to be teamed up with other tourists, but only with your own clan. 

Moreover, you’ll be able to customize your tour better, and according to your own preferences, as well as that of your loved ones.