Rose Island Excursion: Let Your Travel Wishes Blossom

There’s nothing like leaving your stresses behind to recuperate and rejuvenate your mind through the fresh waters of the sea. Among the many islands of the Bahamas, this gem is a land for relaxation away from the city. And very literally at that. 

You won’t be bothered by the noise and the clutter that surrounds busy streets near and around your office. Here, you’ll only be greeted by the soft purrs of breakers hitting the shoreline, of the wind gently whispering in your ears, or other vacationers having a gleeful time in Rose Island. 

Who We Are 

Peace and quiet are the two words that will instantly come to mind as you touchdown in Rose Island. There are no residential infrastructures around the area, and most that you’ll see are mainly for tourist residences and services. 

On that note, many regard us as a separate slice of elysium, being that the island itself is away from the hustle and bustle of busy bee city-life. So, if you’re wanting to take a breather from the crazy comings and goings of things in the office and the neighborhood, this is where you’ll want to be. 

Plus, the area is one that’s meant for anybody of any age. Yes, kids can be safeguarded in this kid-safe zone. Families and friends traveling together will be entertained, while strengthening their bonds through fun activities, one after the next, and exploring Mother Nature’s bests. 

What We Offer 

Full Day Excursions

Make the most of the short getaway you have with your family, your friends, or your loved one through any option from our Full Day Excursions. You’ll be surprised at how small of an area swimming all day will have you cover, but that’s actually already enough! Enough to spend a full day searching the waters, swimming with its creatures, and viewing its colorful reefs. 

Indeed, staying more than a day will be even better!

A Day And A Night Tours 

How about an Overnight Tour? This, you’ll want, especially if you’ve got more time in your hands. No need to drive too quickly back home and be early for work the next day. Instead, spend your leisure time hopping from island to beach, boating, swimming, and snorkeling. 

Plus, freebies that will sunny-up your stay even more! 

Private Tours 

If you and your family want some time together and away from the crowds, perhaps you’re celebrating your parents’ 50th anniversary, or you and your boo— your first, or simply enjoy peace and quiet, then a Private Tour is what you’re looking for. 

Choose the type of Private Tour package that will suit your group. 

Group Events 

We’re not only about watersports and the like, but will also do what we can to make gathering magically special. Parties for any kind of occasion can be set up just for you. Simply tell us the details and we’ll work our magic towards it. A rented out roofed-dining area on the sand and overlooking the sea, what more can you ask for?